“Why is your rate so high?”

1995: “Learn HTML with Notepad, find a web host, figure out something called FTP, publish at will. Simple.”

1997: “Learn Perl, CGI, Java, JavaScript, Flash, Shockwave, ASP, ColdFusion, FrontPage, HomeSite, PageMill and DreamWeaver. Switch web hosts. Add a discussion board, a webring, a guest book and some affiliate advertising. Simple.”

1999: “Naw, man, use Blogger.com’s software. Saves you from coding. Simple. Oh, use another website for the discussion board. Scrap the guest book. Simple.”

2003: “Naw, man, use WordPress.org’s software. Saves you from, um, coding. Though you’ll wanna know MySQL and Apache and CSS and Dynamic HTML and IIS and Access and SQL Server and ASP but different now and PHP but different now and Linux but not Unix. Comments, tho!”

2005: “Naw, man, use WordPress.com. Just write! Need a blogroll and Technorati though.”

2007: “Naw, man, go back to using WordPress.org. Keep writing! Need to start looking at Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, MySpace, LiveJournal, MySpace, Friendster, Digg Delicious, Second Life, BlogTalkRadio, Odeo… wait… um… WTF…”

2011: “Blogs are dead man. It’s all Facebook and YouTube and Pinterest now.”

2012: “Google all the things. All the things, Google. Analytics, AdWords, AdSense, email, Docs, not Wave, no, that never happened. Yahoo nothing. Bing nothing. All your base are belong to Google. Except social networking. Plus we’ll always have FeedBurner and Reader.”

2013: “Nice try, Tumblr.”

2014: “Blogs are still dead man. It’s all Facebook and YouTube and Instagram now.”

2015: “Nice try, Ello.”

2016: “Blogs are back, man. But on Medium, Ghost, GitHub Pages powered by Jekyll or is it the other way around, LinkedIn Pulse, Facebook Notes, Inc., FastCo, HuffPo, Forbes, and of course WordPress. Comments are dead, tho. Make sure you email all your blog posts, too. But for mobile. Content. Content. Content. Content. Content. Content. Content. Master AWS and every goddamn front-end framework, Node package and CDN known to mankind or die in a fire.”

2017: “Nice try, Snapchat.”

2018: “Blogs are back, man. But as Twitter Threads, podcasts somehow, Medium rage-quits only, Instagram Stories but not Facebook Stories and of course the entire WordPress marketplace. So, not blogs. AMP, tho. Simple.”

2019: “What’s TikTok?”

1995-2019: “Why is your rate so high? And why don’t you blog as much anymore?”