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What I will (and won’t) miss about Yahoo

WILL MISS: Its early days as a scrappy, start-up search engine, fighting off ODP/DMOZ and just being all-around awesome. My first real graphical SE, before AltaVista, Lycos and Excite started stinking up the joint. B.G. (“Before Google”). Well before Bing.

WON’T MISS: When Yahoo started mimicking the dial-up portals of the day. Basically, any version of Yahoo after 1999.

WILL MISS: What Zimbra could have been, which I still say Yahoo should’ve tried much harder to push in the face of the Gmail juggernaut. Gmail is still God-awful.

WON’T MISS: How Yahoo let GeoCities, Delicious, Upcoming and Tumblr whither on the vine. How it snapped up Flickr, starved it, angered millions, then retooled it to trump the original, only by then nobody cared.

WILL MISS: The glory and halcyon days that were the dot-com era.

WON’T MISS: Hearing about how Yahoo bought the world’s most expensive domain-name forwarding address from Mark Cuban for $5.7 billion. Or how Microsoft somehow hurt their feelings with that insulting $45-billion offer.

WILL MISS: “Jerry and David’s Guide to the World Wide Web.”

WON’T MISS: Marissa Mayer’s tenure. Marissa Mayer’s work-life balance. Marissa Mayer’s Vogue shoot. Marissa Mayer’s golden parachute. Marissa Mayer.

WILL MISS: YUI, Design Patterns, and pretty much anything that stemmed from the old Yahoo Developer Network (.net) team.

WON’T MISS: How little the new Yahoo Developer Network (.com) matters. How Yahoo buried Pure.css alive on Github, still breathing and all. How Yahoo Next bombed. And how Yahoo Site Explorer got rolled into Bing Webmaster Tools.

WILL MISS: Coding simple, static HTML websites by hand, and they’d just show up in the SERPs without much effort or remotely contemplating SEO or SEM because those weren’t even things way back when, and Yahoo was everybody’s default SE, and sites were optimized for IE and Netscape 4, and I am really aging myself here.

WON’T MISS: Yahoo Small Business Hosting. If any of you ever had the misfortune of working with a client that was hosted on that platform, you too hid under your desk and cried. Nobody heard your screams.

WILL MISS: The Yahoo! Style Guide (pictured above), which was the closest thing I could ever find to replacing Wired Style: Principles of English Usage in the Digital Age. 

WON’T MISS: The explanation point.

WILL MISS: Yahoo Games.

WON’T MISS: Yahoo Soccer Manager.

WILL MISS: That damn yodeler.

WON’T MISS: That damn yodeler.