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The second-best note my mom ever mailed me

That time my mother braved cyberspace for her favorite (and only) son…

From: "Victoria Baskovic" [[email protected]]
Sent: 08/03/2010 11:36 AM
To: Dino Baskovic
Subject: Hi! Dino,

Hi! Dino,

on 8-3-2010 (a very special day I may say) your technology challenged mom has finally sent her First E Mail.

Nooooo! Wait! Did you faint? Oh Boy! Get up, compose yourself, take a deep breath.

Calm down, everything is OK.

Happy Birthdaaaaaay! a.k.a. Appy Burday you too!



That’s right, my mom finally joined the digital age. At this rate, she should send her first tweet by the time I turn 200.

As for the first note? That’s another blog post.