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Every digital marketing meeting since 1994

Digital marketing meeting

Originally published on Facebook Notes in 2012. I update it yearly with my own marketing tech predictions.


Email marketing is dead? Not so fast

The inbox is still fair game, if you play right. Originally published on the now-defunct “B4B Connect” small-business chamber portal.


The rise of social enterprise

My contribution to the “Rock Your Business: 33 Mind-Blowing Ideas from Today’s Top Marketers” ebook on MarketingInProgress.com. Social enterprise continues to grow.


Beyond Facebook: Building a global social media strategy

Passport stamps

On building a true, comprehensive social media strategy to cover more than just your immediate world. My guest post on the “Jen Fong Speaks” blog from July of 2010.


Respecting (and enforcing) rules of online engagement with distributors and customers on social media

Excerpted from a “Direct Selling News” piece covering the state of social media in the direct-sales industry.


Gobbledygook 2.0

Fancy jargon continues to plague communications, corporations and classrooms across America. A post from when I was blogging on the old Posterous platform.


Apple not green enough for Greenpeace

An example of “no-win” environmental PR from one of the world’s most favored brands, and a “win” of a website. A post from when I was blogging on the old Posterous platform.