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What I will (and won’t) miss about Yahoo

The Yahoo! Style Guide

While the internet collectively yawns at Verizon’s $4.6-billion purchase of Yahoo, I yearn for the search engine of yesteryear. Originally posted to LinkedIn Pulse.


Is poor code cramping your online style?

The better you code, the better you market. Originally published on the now-defunct “B4B Connect” small-business chamber portal.


ISO programmers who report and journalists who code

Inspired by a “PBS Mediashift” article, and from years of wearing multiple hats. A post from when I was blogging on the old Posterous platform.


One billion web pages need professional help

When it comes to code and Google, cleanliness is next to godliness. Originally published on “LTU Web Design,” a blog I ran while was the web design professor at Lawrence Technological University in Metro Detroit.