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Sprinkles are for winners, sweetie

IZZY: “Can we go get ice cream?”

ME: “No, sweetie. We’re waiting on checks from my clients.”

IZZY: “Huh?”

ME: “You see sweetie, most of the clients that owe me money are in jobs with biweekly or semimonthly payrolls, guaranteed bonuses and subsidized healthcare. More often than not, it’s no skin off their noses whether vendors are paid on time. It doesn’t impact them personally. My clients can take all the trips to the ice-cream parlor they want, incessantly Instagram their multiple family vacations and pay their most basic bills well before their phones ring off the hook. Small-business owners like me just have it differently.”

IZZY: “Why? Can’t we afford ice cream?”

ME: “Luckily, yes. But we already have ice cream in the freezer, and until clients start to pay on time, we watch our family budget like a hawk. So, sorry, no needless trips right now.”

IZZY: “I don’t get it. Why don’t clients pay on time?”

ME: “Beats the hell outta me, sweetie. Beats the hell outta me.”

IZZY: “So clients are all bad?”

ME: “No. Actually, they are really good people, and I love to do work with them. They’re just absent-minded is all.”

IZZY: “So, can I have some ice cream from the freezer?”

ME: “After dinner.”

IZZY: “Okay.”

ME: (Sigh) “Yes, it will be.”