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Respecting (and enforcing) rules of online engagement with distributors and customers on social media

I am quoted in the October 2009 issue of Direct Selling News in a piece entitled “Building Relationships through Social Media”:

“There’ll be customers who prefer to stay connected online. They may enjoy face time but prefer computer time. That’s fine. We’ll respect that, and we’ll explore and leverage it.”

Like other companies, Amway recognizes that its distributors are every bit as involved with social media as the corporation is, and they’re grappling with the right way to address social media in corporate policies. They want to be sure they’re doing it right.

“Suffice it to say, we want our distributors to succeed, so we want to empower them and give them the right tools for the job,” Baskovic says. “That includes the right rules of engagement when it comes to social media.”

This ran just as I was celebrating my first year serving as the first-ever manager of online PR and social media for Amway. The article has since given way to linkrot, but is still accessible via Internet Archive’s Wayback Machine.