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My trip to BlogWorld 2010

That time I flew to Vegas for BlogWorld 2010. Heard “Unmarketing” author Scott Stratten deliver one of the best keynotes ever, snapped a photo with Altimeter Group’s Brian Solis, introduced myself to Ford’s Scott Monty and PitchEngine’s Jason Kintzler, briefly stood in line with long-time Detroit digital guru Ken Burbary, met the head chef for Omaha Steaks at an invite-only VIP party (“ooo, I’m so important”) and met fellow Michigan boozehound Trisha Verma. Mike Stenger, Sarah Evans, Sarah Kay Hoffman, Nicole de Beaufort, US Army MAJ Benjamin Grimes, “That Guy Deuce” and many others, too.

Also interviewed a number of presenting sponsors on the showroom floor. See my show Tumblr for brief videos and more.

Plus, this photo.

Speaking of photos, remind me to dig up the one from the show floor of the World’s Largest Cup of Coffee, which actually made it into the Guinness Book of World Records.