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Hero dad makes pancakes

Daughter: “These taste like Mom’s”


ROCKFORD, Mich. (April 24, 2016) — Suburbanite husband and father Dino Baskovic today managed to make pancakes for his two daughters and their friends for Sunday brunch, culminating a slumber party had by the girls the previous night.

“I am pleased to report that the delivery of the hot cakes to the dining-room table was a success,” said Baskovic, 41, of Rockford, Mich., a quasi-touristy hollow north of Grand Rapids. “Normally my wife makes them, but she’s taking part in a weekend yoga class, so ultimately the responsibility to feed the girls their usual post-sleepover meal fell to me.”

No stranger to the kitchen, Baskovic managed to assemble the ingredients for the pancakes using a ready-made recipe, conspicuously bookmarked in a cookbook by his wife, Aimee Baskovic.

“We trained exhaustively for this day,” noted the fairer Baskovic, several miles away in the midst of maintaining the Eka Pada Koundinyasana I yoga pose. “As working parents, we both knew the time would eventually come that I might be absent from the house for several hours and that [Dino] would be left to his own devices.”

The countless flapjack-preparation practice hours appear to have paid off in spades, as both daughters texted their mother each with positive emoji, indicating the breakfast was warmly received. Of interest, the house did not burn to the ground.

“I was honored to be able to feed the girls in the tradition of my wife, and fortunate not to have undercooked or overcooked either side of the pancakes too much,” said Baskovic. “Although I carelessly omitted the necessary two tablespoons of melted butter, in the end, the pancakes approached what I call a ‘near-Aimee level’ of quality.”

To the amazement of the girls, Baskovic also fried exactly 10 strips of bacon to accompany the pancakes–five crispy and five floppy, in response to the ambivalent and ever-evolving tastes of his young children and their neighborhood friends.

“These taste like Mom’s pancakes,” remarked Ava Baskovic, almost 8. “You can make them again.”

As he poured himself a second cup of coffee from a nearby Keurig machine, the home-based parent was quick to dismiss the public’s calls of heroism.

“This is just what dads like me do,” said Baskovic. “Mark my words, I am no hero. If anything, I only have a better appreciation for what moms do on a daily basis. I would even do this again, if another chance became available.”

So elated were his two daughters and their friends over the achievement, that the pack of four school-aged children exited the dining room in a rush to play Nintendo, mistakenly forgetting to assist with cleanup.

“I’ve got this,” said Baskovic, repeatedly scoffing at the growing recognition of his parenting prowess by social media fans and the press. “Their mother will be back from yoga later this afternoon, after she goes to Costco to refill the black printer-ink cartridge as well as to purchase assorted bulk goods at wholesale-club-member prices. To be able to clean the kitchen, then run a load of laundry or two, is the very least I can do.”



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