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A collection of original posts and republished articles of mine collected from present day, as well as previous iterations of this and other blogs I've managed. Plus: third-party blogs, media outlets and miscellaneous writing assignments.

Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей

Man with laptop lying in bed and woman is angry

Earth-shattering events from late August of 1991. Cross-posted to LinkedIn Pulse and Facebook Notes.


What I will (and won’t) miss about Yahoo

The Yahoo! Style Guide

While the internet collectively yawns at Verizon’s $4.6-billion purchase of Yahoo, I yearn for the search engine of yesteryear. Originally posted to LinkedIn Pulse.


Hero dad makes pancakes

Hero dad makes pancakes

My wife hates this post. From Facebook Notes.


Keeping remote teams in top physical (and digital) shape for 2016

Young man checking fitness tracker and smartphone app

A re-gifted Fitbit, New Year’s resolve and working with virtual teams sparked this post. Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.


Waiting for the other cleat to drop: Promoting relegation in U.S. sports

Waiting for the other cleat to drop

Imagine if the Yankees were demoted to the minors. We’d come unglued as a nation, yet catch up to the rest of the world. Originally published on Facebook Notes.


Perpetual beta: managing morning people (unlike you)

Perpetual Beta: Managing Morning People (Unlike You)

You can hate mornings, but you can’t hate morning people, even if they hate that you hate mornings. This post originally appeared on the ‘Life Meets Work’ blog.


Perpetual beta: My life as a career telecommuter

Perpetual Beta: My Life as a Career Telecommuter

Working for yourself means a constant search for reliable Wi-Fi, among other things. This post originally appeared on the ‘Life Meets Work’ blog.


My advice to my 16-year-old wannabe developer self

The “letter to your younger self” meme finally got to me. Taking a coding hiatus in my late teens through early 20s got to me more.