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This is the official website for Dino Baskovic (that’s me). Behind the desk and on the road, I am a digital strategist a.k.a. digital strategy consultant. For 20 years, I have specialized in web design and development. I also provide social media management and digital marketing services for local businesses, global corporations, non-profit organizations and the United States government. Occasionally, I give talks and write stuff.

In front of my desk, I serve as an adjunct professor for GVSU‘s public relations and advertising degree program. Away from my desk, I coach youth soccer for my local YMCA. The love of my life runs a yoga studio, and together we raise two young girls from our home base in greater Grand Rapids, Michigan.

You can learn more about me and read my blog. Here are five of my most recent posts:

Моё судно на воздушной подушке полно угрей

Man with laptop lying in bed and woman is angry

Earth-shattering events from late August of 1991. Cross-posted to LinkedIn Pulse and Facebook Notes.


What I will (and won’t) miss about Yahoo

The Yahoo! Style Guide

While the internet collectively yawns at Verizon’s $4.6-billion purchase of Yahoo, I yearn for the search engine of yesteryear. Originally posted to LinkedIn Pulse.


Hero dad makes pancakes

Hero dad makes pancakes

My wife hates this post. From Facebook Notes.


Keeping remote teams in top physical (and digital) shape for 2016

Young man checking fitness tracker and smartphone app

A re-gifted Fitbit, New Year’s resolve and working with virtual teams sparked this post. Originally published on LinkedIn Pulse.


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